About Us


Inventive Dreams is a Modeling Agency(basically the innovative venture of Inventive Cafe) personalized only for girls/women who want a career in modeling. We are on the mission to help those who think they have what it takes to be a model. We function globally providing the platform to reach in the Reality shows, Bollywood and Hollywood. We are in women empowerment since 2001 and empowering the field of acting with experienced and professional models. We are providing on top of the line i.e best model promotions, bringing to you the best of beauty, glamour, excitement, and lure.

Our profound mission at Inventive Dreams is to serve cultural diversity and also to bring our unique style, story, and background to the forefront of the entertainment/fashion industry. We believe that there is so much potential that goes unharvested because of the unavailability of the right platform out there and we are on a mission to diversify, expose, and bring these glamour in the spotlight.

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